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I found your article beautiful in both how it was written and what it said. Your breakdown of data, knowledge and wisdom is very elegant and profound. It also reflects distinctions that are made in knowledge management between "data, information and knowledge". Data is facts and figures standing alone, information is when it is applied to something like a process, and knowledge is when we learn something from the knowledge and apply our unique perspective to it. "Knowledge" seems similar to your definition of wisdom. The uniqueness that we experience is God. I believe that we are all one with God. We are not separate but part of a whole. I completed a Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica and found it to be a transformational experience. In my work as a career coach I am experiencing a deeper and more complete connection with my clients. I am so grateful when I can help someone find clarity out of their confusion and they realize that they do have possiblities in their career. Thank you for all you do and have done. Your book was a turning point in my life and has been an key learning in many of my coacing clients too.
David Couper
PS. I hated physics and couldn't wait until I could drop it at school.

Karen Husemeyer

Solve aging and find a way to another earth-type planet outside this solar system for the expansion of humankind. So at 25 this is what I figured out, but since then at 67 we haven't gotten any closer to those answers or have we?


Patrick Heneghan

A wonderful perspective as usual and, as I read it, I was reminded of the words of the 17th century English poet, William Cowper, which really encapsulate, for me, the whole point of a meaningful educational experience, regardless of where it occurs:
"Knowledge is proud that it knows so much;
Wisdom is humble that it knows no more."
It's nice to hear that Harvard is wrestling with its pride and searching for humility, a trait by the way, that Dick Bolles personifies in everything he does!

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